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With art by first-time illustrator Julia Mathew, THE KNOWING is an Ani DiFranco-style lullaby, inviting young readers to ponder the distinction between outer forms of identity and the inner light of consciousness. The lyrical text is designed to be read aloud or sung, and is paired with Mathew’s universal scenes of childhood, set in her family’s native India, and glowing with honesty and love. This book encapsulates ideas that Di Franco feels strongly about sharing with her own children and all children: all the adjectives that you will ever be called are only half the story. Underneath all the adjectives, you are pure presence — steady and shining and impossible to define.

“I always relish a new challenge and creative adventure in life. Making a book for young readers was one such. I’m hoping that young people will connect with the message I am sending out in this book- that underneath all the labels and social and cultural signifiers, we are spirit, we are love incarnate, we are one.” --Ani

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