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Ani will be performing in New Orleans on February 10 at Nuit de la Musique to benefit @LyceeFrancaisNO. Tickets:… https://t.co/uTdgbgJx05
Check out this exhibit if you're in New Orleans! https://t.co/RNCGtSkyph
thank you mary oliver. so, so many thanks to you. -ani
check out this new offering from @BitchMusic, formerly of bitch and animal. how much fun was this video to make? lo… https://t.co/hdIAOXt86M
i met ian in new york and loved them instantly. wanted to share this article about their commitment to artful agita… https://t.co/fRgAHWs2zL
these portraits are inspirational. -ani https://t.co/kJJJliSfGM
Just announced! Ani DiFranco playing May 3 at @jazzfest. Celebrating 50 years, Jazz Fest takes place April 25-May 5… https://t.co/NG8a7Bw9Df
To express our gratitude toward the 116th Congress, we are sharing this new performance of "Joyful Girl" featuring… https://t.co/ZhK5lGJ33f
amen! some words from one of my favorite radicals. -ani https://t.co/b28GBfYs1a
yes! gettin the good news flowin in 2019! -ani https://t.co/L6iB4f6kGJ
may this amazing woman rest in the deepest peace. may Rosalyn Terborg-Penn help us to know our herstory so that we… https://t.co/dj4yClMCP3
RT @amandapalmer: 🤘 https://t.co/NbAQiDSM7Z
Hear Ani talk about her love of theater and why performers are her kind of people on @theatre_podcast!… https://t.co/Bel8VP7F9w
check out these badass women risking their lives for the cause of women’s equality! i saw some footage of a big ma… https://t.co/BIK9dHIlSU
RT @Righteous_Babes: Happy New Year! @anidifranco's memoir No Walls and the Recurring Dream is one of @lithub's most anticipated books o… https://t.co/Jd2jgfcOkY
Catch Ani at #RockyMtnFolksFest in Lyons, CO from August 16-18, 2019! Tickets: https://t.co/AAfjqQ3wjF https://t.co/wDhwDK6Naf
let the stories and voices of women enter our culture and propel the kind of deeper awareness necessary for our ult… https://t.co/Uji0O2Jkh1
RT @Righteous_Babes: We've added three new items from @heidispottery to our store! Take 10% off all orders of $50 or more with promo co… https://t.co/LL0qS2gvfS
We may soon have an amendment to give civil rights to women. https://t.co/J9Ykfg4t8l
i had a blast participating in @guitarmashnyc last week. i especially enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the youn… https://t.co/mOOHu9TiFC
RT @jackantonoff: 7" #4 "Foreign Girls" - Ani DiFranco "And, Nothing Is You" - Bleachers
this song foreign girls is cool. i had fun working on it. -ani https://t.co/2FgP7fs9Vz
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protecting the empire in new york... https://t.co/UYrRpBEX37
Bring your guitar or just bring you to the 7th Annual Urban Campfire, “Songs for Change.” Tickets on sale now at… https://t.co/1PnjX9gOwr
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RT @valariekaur: Between now & 2020, I believe we must anchor deeply in moral vision, focus on what we are fighting FOR not just aga… https://t.co/75uyHJVQbd
Tomorrow! #VoteDammit Keegan-Michael Key and Chris Rock have a message for you: Don't be silenced November 6th! https://t.co/fp5xceiVrk
Tuesday 11/6 is coming! Hope you’re ready to vote in the midterms and if you’re not, visit @HeadCountOrg’s election… https://t.co/Exh3jc3MDX
Hey Georgia! @StaceyAbrams is a model for what it means to be a leader to all people. Civil rights icon… https://t.co/4VvR4H7Cwx
Ani's gearing up to host @TheRootsofMusic fundraiser in NOLA 11/10: food, cocktails, and live entertainment. Get m… https://t.co/dh5HRjvVWK
Louisiana, vote #YesOn2 on 11/6. Find out more from @UnanimousJuryLA. https://t.co/Lv6KrK6pMq
6th Annual Fall Fundraiser #SupportYourRoots, @TheRootsofMusic , 11/10 at New Orleans Jazz Market. Ani hosts this s… https://t.co/MQ4oGfJ0WQ
me and my little buddy helping spread the good word yesterday in nola... -ani https://t.co/NGdt8fI80B
The midterms are nearly upon us, and it's time to #RiseUp, #ShowUp, #VoteDammit! Get inspired with this live perfor… https://t.co/GIq87Hn5yw
A Beautiful message from @valariekaur #RevolutionaryLove https://t.co/ECFTptOdHP
rescheduled due to rain! let's go vote early, NOLA! https://t.co/Fk467nf3Ad
The midterm elections are in two weeks. #RiseUp. #ShowUp. #VoteDammit! Enjoy this excerpt of "Binary" featuring… https://t.co/OtR0lA32Ik
hey NOLA! join this parade to the polls tomorrow for early voting! https://t.co/sAkJqG8P4u
"The people who are knocking on doors and organizing rallies tend to be much more cheerful and confident than those… https://t.co/SNJB3D7NHr
Ani and the band are off until 2019, but you can still feel the live vibes with our newest bootleg, Live in Charlot… https://t.co/Wesv0roylT
RT @thebaybridged: No, you're not seeing triple -- we got creative with our snaps from @andreagibson and @anidifranco last weekend. https://t.co/U7mJ63p35d
"From researching the lives of activists, I have learned so much, including that progress toward social justice is… https://t.co/6pQeuLc7iK
From 10/7 @TheFillmore_SF 📸@SusanAlzner https://t.co/pnu2aZPHsD
We can't elect a historic number of women and take back the House and Senate unless we show up to VOTE. Today is th… https://t.co/Rxa2TdgtBJ
Soundcheck yesterday from @TheFillmore_SF 📸@swampjig https://t.co/EAZvWpROGc
this is an old article (dear howard is no longer with us) but his wisdom is still with us. strong as ever. -ani https://t.co/0GX7YBPBcE
my friend julie took this from the audience yesterday... what a beautiful fest -ani @HSBFest #HSB18 https://t.co/OIBJ0cIrUZ
This weekend - San Francisco! Sat 10/6 @HSBFest , Sun 10/7 @FillmoreSF wsg @andreagibson - details & tix:… https://t.co/L9LfihSEro
goddess bless dr. ford, ana maria archila and all women who stand up and speak out. and check out this inspiring vi… https://t.co/Kv08CewYkE
I stand with the people of Louisiana! The use of non-unanimous juries is leading to wrongful convictions and danger… https://t.co/JW5Tr7a7l5
RT @Righteous_Babes: Show up at your Senators’ local offices nationwide, including in (but not limited to!) Arizona, Alaska, Indiana, Co… https://t.co/DX9nThMd3S
#TheFutureisVoting in this election. Make sure to register to vote today at https://t.co/ryjRtvYtnt with… https://t.co/E2GjLo6YW6
RT @thebabefest: THANK YOU for rising up with us at #Babefest! We are so inspired by all of our #RighteousBabes who showed up to sup… https://t.co/zCiiBadj2F
Tonight: Northampton, MA at Calvin Theatre (@IHEG) with special guest @PeterMulvey43! Tickets:… https://t.co/vIBZJMBvLl
RT @RevLoveProject: We fight together and we dance together because joy is an act of moral resistance! Can't wait to celebrate with our… https://t.co/oM4oko0a0c
Tonight: @thebabefest in Brooklyn, NY @warsawconcerts with @ResistanceRev, @torreslovesyou, and @amydelilahleon! Be… https://t.co/1j4WQVKl00
RT @thebabefest: Tonight's the night! Join us @WarsawConcerts at 8pm for an evening of music, community, and activism with… https://t.co/DrRaAwuXqJ
Tonight: Albany, NY @TheEggPAC with special guest @PeterMulvey43! Tickets: https://t.co/8BoHG8NkDH #RiseUp
Hear Ani talk @thebabefest and @emilyslist and play "Binary" live on @AllOfItWNYC. https://t.co/7Hmm32AbhO
Available in high-resolution audio. Band includes: @toddsickafoose : bass + Wurlitzer @swampjig: drums… https://t.co/ZYnX1JUdl8
Charlottesville 5.12.18 includes bootleg recordings of songs from "Binary;" the first available bootleg performance… https://t.co/124GPUnpPS
NEW RELEASE AVAILABLE NOW Bootleg Live in Charlottesville 5.12.18 Get hyped for @thebabefest with some new recordin… https://t.co/nQTdDBU5z6
RT @emilyslist: “I think it is just so essential that we get more female voices into the political spectrum on every level.” — EMIL… https://t.co/kMQQcyVaHC
Tonight: Peekskill, NY @ParamountHV with special guest @PeterMulvey43! Tickets: https://t.co/mioqZlVREX #RiseUp https://t.co/2Q1Oa7tACP
RT @RevLoveProject: She's been with us in this fight & now we get to celebrate with our sister & co-conspirator, @anidifranco. Come dan… https://t.co/8iFqty6M3B
RT @lmguinn: Can’t wait for Babefest this weekend in Brooklyn with the talented @anidifranco. It’s a benefit show for… https://t.co/eWy8CeWkIS
RT @amyschumer: Rise up, show up, and help elect pro-choice Democratic women @thebabefest! Featuring performances from @AniDiFranco… https://t.co/U2pW1aHOnx
With Democratic City Chair Jimmy Monto and David Falci before the show @WestcottTheater last night... #votedammit https://t.co/5ga0QSXLLp
RT @daytrotter: [email protected] is back in the Paste Studio! Watch here: https://t.co/3seUmJU3rV https://t.co/y5NnhyoTeE
Watch Ani live now from the @pastemagazine @daytrotter studios in NYC! https://t.co/OKqmvlxCvC
RT @jimschachter: And @AllOfItWNYC’s first guest is musician @anidifranco. https://t.co/9qG3S6Mqj3 https://t.co/ehol8StWxN
RT @AllOfItWNYC: We are ready to get this show on the road..or at least on the air. Our first guest is @anidifranco ! She'll fill us… https://t.co/O7PAxja7gW
Two chances to stream Ani live today: from @WNYC at 12pm EDT and from @PasteMagazine @daytrotter at 4:30pm EDT!
RT @thebabefest: It's Babefest week! Will you be rising up with us on Friday? Come join @AniDiFranco, @ResistanceRev, … https://t.co/0tlcKUG1Mu
RT @WestcottTheater: TONIGHT! Rise up with @anidifranco at @WestcottTheater (Syracuse, NY) w/ @PeterMulvey43! Tickets Available online:… https://t.co/LFD3HSDQ5o
Tonight: Syrcause, NY @WestcottTheater with special guest @PeterMulvey43! Tickets: https://t.co/JW2r8ETeat #RiseUp https://t.co/8TxU7n11Ju
burlington, vt tonight... https://t.co/GQ1miY2PYD
Tonight: Concord, NH @CapitolCenter with special guest @PeterMulvey43! Tickets: https://t.co/fuyX0YiHKC #RiseUp https://t.co/NClE6y4weI
RT @thebabefest: Get pumped for Babefest: A Concert to Benefit @emilyslist with this @Spotify playlist of Babefests past and future… https://t.co/ZioEFZRCD6
RT @OttawaFestivals: Tonight @CityFolk features @DBtodomundo, @tbtduluth, @anidifranco +more! https://t.co/7X5rz8tDJl #OttMusic https://t.co/g7R7teeBHI
RT @thebabefest: Rise up, show up, and help elect pro-choice Democratic women @thebabefest! Featuring performances from @AniDiFranco… https://t.co/kSjj7o6K5J
Just 10 days until @thebabefest: A Concert to Benefit @emilyslist! What person or activist is inspiring you lately? #RiseUp
RT @kentstage: Looking forward to seeing you at @anidifranco tonight! https://t.co/id20YQsv9H
Tonight: Kent, OH @kentstage with special guest @PeterMulvey43! Tickets: https://t.co/E9HHjrEAwB #RiseUp https://t.co/rhQYF3JTuU
LAST CALL! The @ACLU_SoCal auction on @IfOnly is ending in a few hours. Bid for a chance to win access to soundchec… https://t.co/llZ4rZu53a
RT @ThePeel: Tonight we are excited to welcome back one of Asheville’s favorites, @anidifranco to @ThePeel! Only a handful of t… https://t.co/1AhZ5KjcDo
RT @consequence: [email protected] explains to @KyleMeredith why she's learned to ignore the press: https://t.co/0Dq826Z9sF https://t.co/eEmC71xgO6
Tonight: Asheville, NC @ThePeel with special guest @PeterMulvey43! Tickets: https://t.co/wjURP57bEf #RiseUp https://t.co/yuVBnURrup
Tonight: Charlotte, NC @NTheatre with special guest @PeterMulvey43! Tickets: https://t.co/7t0u6cLCHr #RiseUp https://t.co/FDxgZbaqUS
RT @Righteous_Babes: Part of the inspiration for @thebabefest is our incredible community of #RighteousBabes — your integrity, your pass… https://t.co/XLd9iuUPJ3
“the biggest threat to democracy is cynicism” check out what president obama had to say this morning. -ani https://t.co/yufvRTyIrj
Tonight: Macon, GA @CapitolMacon with special guest @PeterMulvey43! Tickets: https://t.co/0SHfWN84yd https://t.co/tOYWdRKFnY
my old friend and righteous babe @ErinBried started this cool magazine for girls and the new issue is the action is… https://t.co/MfsFnNUuEX
RT @ParamountHV: "As Is", we are less than 2 weeks away from having the talented @anidifranco perform here on our stage! Don't let t… https://t.co/U6878bahnv
RT @WFUVConcerts: MEMBERLINE 9/6: @anidifranco's "Babefest" at @WarsawConcerts on Friday, September 21st at 8PM @wfuv #wfuv #livemusic https://t.co/MSMhK4wyhx
RT @ThePeel: This Sunday we welcome back @anidifranco to @ThePeel! Tickets are going fast. @ The Orange Peel https://t.co/JoKiwhXO3b
RT @WestcottTheater: Have you seen @anidifranco's @NPR Tiny Desk Concert?? https://t.co/Z4HSNlUzDK Check it out and get ready for her… https://t.co/uOuv6FflfS
check out kamala’s twitter feed to be inspired by hows she’s rocking the kavanaugh hearings. all these people getti… https://t.co/GIJ99pcOYE
Win tickets to see Ani and the band on select #RiseUp Fall Tour dates - including @thebabefest!! https://t.co/vNb3wMUY9L
RT @CrtvConcerts: Have you heard? @anidifranco will be at @WestcottTheater (Syracuse, NY) on Sunday, Sept. 16th, w/ special guest Pet… https://t.co/1SSFTWRD9l
RT @andreagibson: Was scheduled to add a show in San Francisco then noticed Ani was playing the same night. Excited to link up again!… https://t.co/Q1kp8ieZnW
Announcing the third annual @thebabefest 9/21 in Brooklyn, NY! This year’s Babefest features performances from… https://t.co/KX0kju4Dg6
RT @thebabefest: RISE UP at the 3rd annual @thebabefest! This year’s Babefest features performances from @anidifranco, … https://t.co/iI8vnn6L5a
first of all, deep bow to aretha. deep deep bow. second, check out this brazilian chick! she is my new guitar hero… https://t.co/UxXqfsFEl4
Being a nice guy or knowing women personally doesn’t mean Brett Kavanaugh will respect women’s constitutional right… https://t.co/QtLcihtOGH
Here's a great resource to check out - Endorsing more than 500 candidates across the US, @runforsomething recruits… https://t.co/YuubfizXeW
The midterms are coming... #VoteDammit https://t.co/HJyRR9b8HD
09.18 - Peekskill, NY @ParamountHV* 09.20 - Albany, NY @TheEggPAC* 09.22 - Northampton, MA - #CalvinTheatre @IHEG*… https://t.co/7S3lOnzd3Z
09.07 - Macon, GA @CapitolMacon* 09.08 - Charlotte, NC @NTheatre* 09.09 - Asheville, NC @ThePeel* 09.11 - Kent, OH… https://t.co/43K8voalIO
See you on the Fall 2018 #RiseUp Tour! Catch special guest @petermulvey43 on select dates. Tickets on sale at… https://t.co/eVR5Mq4DN8
one good’n is my friend @Tracypratt4FL who is running for a seat in the florida legislature. i sure hope she wins!… https://t.co/eqKa2SpE6n
hello friends & comrades! i’ve been looking around for progressive candidates at every level of government to suppo… https://t.co/YBYYucWJv0
September #RiseUp tour with special guest @PeterMulvey43 is on sale now! https://t.co/pOZkobmOaT https://t.co/MOsxVPSFzy
[email protected] names Ani one of the top acts to catch @MtlJazzFestival. Watch her Paste session at the link below… https://t.co/sMEt5Q9BBB
Just Announced! Ani joins @GrandPointNorth in Burlington, VT on Sat 9/15 - festival line up includes @gracepotter… https://t.co/JB4zCvqL0Q
2015 @ClearwaterFest set list. See you again today. https://t.co/XULPdz41dU https://t.co/l2hyz1G8R0
This was last time in Portsmouth. What's on deck for tonight @PrescottPark? Free show! More info:… https://t.co/2ijDMgshiN
Our friend @SusanAlzner speaking up for the Havasupai Tribe in the Grand Canyon! #riseup https://t.co/XCcWR7S2zo
Last time in Portland, this was the set list. What do you think will get played tonight @statetheatreME? Tickets:… https://t.co/odemEA7Hqj
Here's the set list from last time in Jersey. What do you think you'll hear tonight @whiteeaglehall? Tickets:… https://t.co/uPK27UXZpS
Check out Ani's interview with @WAMCRadio - don't wait to get your tickets for Sun 6/17 at @TheMahaiwe Great Barrin… https://t.co/dHyE5xQu87
RT @Righteous_Babes: [email protected]'s album BINARY is now one year old! Take 15% off Binary CDs, vinyl, title tees and totes in the Right… https://t.co/qz2W4EP7Dm
Here's the set list from the last show in Louisville. What do you think is on tonight's @MercuryBallroom? Tickets:… https://t.co/Sh5BUqVurH
Watch live on @WFPK's Facebook here: https://t.co/Et6N924Eix
Going live on @WFPK at 1:45pm EDT https://t.co/k7dJDh9HYO
Here's the set list from the last show in St. Louis. What do you think is on tonight's @ThePageantSTL? Tickets:… https://t.co/ZjDcUvsxIZ
Tonight is the first ever show in Eau Claire! The closest show was Minneapolis. What do you think is on tonight's s… https://t.co/ERF6YcnjRY
my friend susan alzner just met danah boyd at a conference. danah created and has maintained the ani lyrics site si… https://t.co/QxK3dfmJa8
Hear a bit of what Ani's listening to on the road right now, as told to @brooklynvegan. https://t.co/sMXr7KiTfc
Here's the set list from the last show in Bloomington. What do you think you'll hear tonight @CastleTheatre? Ticket… https://t.co/j6HMaThRHP
Join the @AMarch4OurLives folks on the #RoadToChange! https://t.co/mIxXaF0yQI https://t.co/unMgbP94wK
Here's the set list from the last show in Ann Arbor. What do you think you'll hear tonight @AASummerFest? Tickets:… https://t.co/A4YDaurPJA
6.5 Ann Arbor @AASummerFest 6.6 Bloomington @castletheatre 6.8 Eau Claire @EauClaireArts 6.9 St. Louis… https://t.co/th2aVs9ydt
Starting this week, catch Ani and the band with special guest @hhhendrixx! Tickets and more dates:… https://t.co/EJWMjfNaFI
i dream of a world where “everything is a sanctuary and nothing is a gun” (@danez_smif) -ani #WearOrange @everytown https://t.co/VnXHdUZN3W
Happy Friday Folks! Take a trip through Mardi Gras with Ani and some friends jamming out to "Binary"! -RBR… https://t.co/fnxf82YuDL
with @_PRINCESS_SHAW and Katie on the way to "Songs Over Style" at South Louisiana Songwriters Festival in Lafayett… https://t.co/b3voWmmnJl
6.14 Portland, ME @statetheatreME* 6.15 Portsmouth, NH @PrescottPark* 6.16 Croton-on-Hudson, NY @ClearwaterFest 6.… https://t.co/B74i2MRImE
6.03 Nelsonville, OH @NelsonvilleFest 6.05 Ann Arbor, MI @AASummerFest* 6.06 Bloomington, IL @castletheatre* 6.08… https://t.co/ouO7Giedbm
Ani and the band are headed back on the road in June! Catch special guest @hhhendrixx on select dates. Tickets:… https://t.co/PmDD8q6M39
check out this cool new track from @amandapalmer! lovin it. lovin her. -ani https://t.co/PUU6RhngU0 https://t.co/CEWl9SJ1hi
Check out Ani on @ArticulateShow!! https://t.co/HPR8ucPZHx
RT @Righteous_Babes: Thank you to our amazing crew, band, and special guest @gracieandrachel for a wonderful May #RiseUp tour run! https://t.co/7868tauJ8k
Yesterday at @WNRNradio in Charlottesville #riseup2018 #tourlife https://t.co/IOpp6HuAdG
Tonight, the RISE UP tour comes to @CvilleJefferson with special guest @gracieandrachel! Tickets:… https://t.co/1P25LCugEP
sound checking in wilkes-barre... @FMKirbyCenter #riseup2018 #tourlife #righteousbabe https://t.co/IziA6Jjul0
Here's the set list from the last show in Wilkes-Barre. What do you think is on tonight's? https://t.co/yBx8JxZt0y
Tonight, the RISE UP tour comes to @FMKirbyCenter in Wilkes-Barre, PA with special guest @gracieandrachel! Tickets:… https://t.co/9gbWJZEefI
Here's the set list from the last show in Brooklyn. What's on tonight's? https://t.co/mQdzDBX26X
Tonight's show @MusicHallofWB in Brooklyn with special guest @gracieandrachel is sold out! https://t.co/zQG9AXcb8b
Here's the set list from the last show in Wilmington. What do you think is on tonight's @QueenWilmington? Tickets:… https://t.co/rQDDyPYoj7
Tonight, the RISE UP tour comes to @QueenWilmington with special guest @gracieandrachel! Tickets:… https://t.co/h3ApB2xClQ
hello friends! check out my friend @valariekaur tonight on @CNN #UnitedShades of america. 10 pm est cool show. awesome peeps. -ani
Tonight, the RISE UP tour comes to @TheMusicHall in Tarrytown, NY with special guest @gracieandrachel! Tickets:… https://t.co/rJ4xtm3sGZ
Tonight, the RISE UP tour comes to @930Club in DC with special guest @gracieandrachel! Tickets:… https://t.co/xWesdX0bbK
RT @Righteous_Babes: New shirt: I'm Pro-Choice and I Vote Sales of this shirt will help us support @emilyslist. https://t.co/wiqsWPsgnm https://t.co/SZ8C9fOyk6
Tonight, the May RISE UP tour kicks off at @CarolinaDurham with special guest @gracieandrachel! Tickets:… https://t.co/HsT1L0WWDa
RT @excessdb: We're SO excited to have @anidifranco and @hhhendrixx playing a #Official @JerseyCityPride show at @whiteeaglehall… https://t.co/B0Sfc79Y26
RT @wmucradio: Need something to do this Saturday?? Check out our Facebook giveaway for your chance to win 2 tix to see… https://t.co/MTDRfVs311
Low Ticket Alert! Tickets for 5/10 @MusicHallofWB in Brooklyn are going fast - don't wait to grab yours: https://t.co/Wz2Ql0Tuk8
Ani is joining the South Louisiana Songwriters Festival & Workshop on Thursday, May 24 for "Songs Over Style." This… https://t.co/T6Yes5QSeM
5/04 - Durham, NC @CarolinaDurham 5/05 - Washington, DC @930Club 5/06 - Tarrytown, NY @TheMusicHall 5/08 - Wilming… https://t.co/yO0MMHLclw
In May, we RISE UP! Join Ani and the band with special guest @gracieandrachel at these shows in May. Tickets and mo… https://t.co/fWuwXOoYDP
Ani will be performing a few songs at A Concert For Freedom on April 7 in NYC as part of @RevLoveProject's conferen… https://t.co/0Pkx63Xc0d
Just added: new stops on the #RiseUp tour! Catch Ani and the band with special guest @hhhendrixx on select June dat… https://t.co/7fSyiySPVw
thank goddess someone is going there! yay justice stevens! -ani https://t.co/sp5JADtIv3
more cool young women telling it like it is. https://t.co/edZjYfu117
Watch @Emma4Change speaking yesterday at #MarchForOurLives in DC. https://t.co/TbE2x01Y7N
rockin it in nola! (part 2) #MarchForOurLives #marchforourlivesnola #EndGunViolence #NeverAgain https://t.co/NKu2tFNDhe
rockin it in nola! #MarchForOurLives #marchforourlivesnola #EndGunViolence #NeverAgain https://t.co/6R8i3fnSGO
Do you know about the @AMarch4OurLives gun safety marches? Volunteer with @HeadCountOrg to register voters at… https://t.co/KTeX7HDj0R
this is a petition i signed and feel very strongly about. life without parole is: 1. inhumane 2. doled out in ra… https://t.co/p7CyPcDRKB
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Celebrate with some tunes. #IWD2018 https://t.co/YZeVMGRAq7
[email protected] tonight! Here's the set list from the last show in Baton Rouge. What do you think is on tonight's?… https://t.co/UZQbvI2Gdq
soundcheck was so picturesque w natural light. @LukeEnyeart joining tonight! -ani @mmusicworks #nashville https://t.co/SlnryD6a1N
my dressing room at the marathon music works. this place is too cute! - ani @MMusicWorks #nashville https://t.co/AK67Mx43Qm
Tell FedEx to end discounts for members of the NRA’s Business Alliance and stop supporting an organization that use… https://t.co/E6GdmwZqP1
Were you with us in Nashville in 2016? See you tonight at @MMusicWorks! Tickets: https://t.co/r6NTwbmi7g https://t.co/fVbDAXgRqk
This afternoon at 1:30p CST tune into Ani live on 'Hangin & Sangin' with @TheBGSituation https://t.co/HIYjw2oWuz be… https://t.co/uUpt1x324p
The #RiseUpTour with special guest @gracieandrachel continues through the spring! Tickets: https://t.co/pOZkob5cMj https://t.co/0vsPWI9Wv8
Show tonight @BuskirkChumley! The last show in Bloomington was in 2012. What do you think is on tonight's set list?… https://t.co/hra16D2SE3
Thank you Grand Rapids! #RiseUp https://t.co/93IBAtjoWc
commemorative cutting board courtesy of grand rapids @20MonroeLive! - ani https://t.co/3OFRQeHsin
Show tonight @20MonroeLive! Here's the set list from the last show in Grand Rapids. What do you think is on tonight… https://t.co/ElMQdjT6UF
RT @AMarch4OurLives: On March 24 we will take the streets of Washington DC and our communities across the country to #MarchForOurLives.… https://t.co/P4ERhDHkio
Two from backstage at the legendary @FirstAvenue -ani #riseuptour2018 #Minneapolis https://t.co/u47TMXp7L9
[email protected] is rocking this so hard! let’s all call our congresspeople! let’s turn out to the demonstrations for… https://t.co/DxiW6DHRR8
Here's more about Emma. https://t.co/W5Mpe6T5vd
Share this speech by Emma Gonzalez far and wide. https://t.co/xsZTPoFAl4
We're done with "leaders" who refuse to lead on common-sense gun safety laws. It's time to #ThrowThemOut. Join us:… https://t.co/ooptjpgLNL
Just announced! Enter to win tickets to a bunch of shows on the upcoming #RiseUp tour with special guest… https://t.co/ol9xv9OFqL
Today, we #ReclaimLove. Share this song of #RevolutionaryLove: in the connection lies the spark in the connection l… https://t.co/mNxC1NeSY6
Today is @judyblume's 80th Birthday! Had to share this lovely tribute from @amandapalmer. Check it out: https://t.co/68zZyx7QLp
Happening now: @TEDTalks releases a new TED talk "3 lessons of #revolutionarylove in a time of rage" by… https://t.co/JapPARG2Et
Just announced: LEAF Festival in Black Mountain, NC! Ani headlines Sunday, May 13. Tickets available here:… https://t.co/n8OjICD68Z
RT @googletalks: Enjoy some #MondayMotivation from Grammy winner @AniDiFranco as she performs with her daughter and discusses her ne… https://t.co/l6BY6bE2Gj
Just Announced: Laytonville, CA - Jun 29 at Kate Wolf Music Fe... https://t.co/M4VKlmK4d6
Just Announced: Nelsonville, OH - Jun 3 at Nelsonville Music F... https://t.co/mVrmAtQpdM
Just Announced: Charlottesville, VA - May 12 at Jefferson Theater https://t.co/xaTLvXFIGu
Just Announced: Tarrytown, NY - May 6 at Tarrytown Music Hall https://t.co/v9MzeyZl87
Just Announced: Durham, NC - May 4 at Carolina Theatre https://t.co/fRb1lxnsBI
Just Announced: Wilmington, DE - May 8 at The Queen https://t.co/TL8QpDeln6
Just Announced: Wilkes-Barre, PA - May 11 at F. M. Kirby Center https://t.co/uWqKmmMVOQ
Just Announced: Brooklyn, NY - May 10 at Music Hall of William... https://t.co/r5mvPw8JrY
Just added: seven new stops on the RISE UP tour! Catch Ani and the band with special guest @gracieandrachel as they… https://t.co/6nQbux4eLQ
RT @googletalks: Enjoy some #MondayMotivation from Grammy winner @AniDiFranco as she performs with her daughter and discusses her ne… https://t.co/l6BY6bE2Gj
Just Announced: @NelsonvilleFest Nelsonville, OH - Ani headlines 6/3. Weekend passes available now:… https://t.co/cQLhBxx4Vs
. @zoboekbinder and @amandapalmer over recording yesterday #righteousbabes https://t.co/q1pZ7wVRgL
We have a new Recommended Reading posted from Ani for January! Check it out: https://t.co/ZUtN7GrpOp
Just Announced: Baton Rouge, LA - Mar 3 at Varsity Theatre https://t.co/NmQoFch4Dh
2018 #thisyear - time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution. -RBR https://t.co/K8Qin5j7li
Today: New Orleans, LA - Dec 31 at Mahalia Jackson Theater for ... https://t.co/Su2alykbPC
"It's okay, it's okay to let your heart race..." Hearts racing with @gracieandrachel - on the Bus Playlist https://t.co/cSzTAzCKxl
This one today by @righteous_babes' own @PeterMulvey43 https://t.co/cSzTAzl9FN
"Everything is Temporary" - ain't that the truth. @RuthTheodore on the @Spotify Bus Playlist https://t.co/cSzTAzl9FN
Celebrating the return of @toddsickafoose with "Bye Bye Bees" on the bus. Say that three times fast. https://t.co/cSzTAzl9FN
"Wait for It." @HamiltonMusical. @leslieodomjr. https://t.co/cSzTAzl9FN
Just added to Feb/Mar 2018 dates: special guest @gracieandrachel! https://t.co/pOZkob5cMj https://t.co/dI7dQQ2DOf
As a musician, my life’s work will not exist in the world without #netneutrality. It’s one of the core civil rights… https://t.co/vLvxcMqUxi
[email protected]' "Quick" is the jam today https://t.co/cSzTAzl9FN
Hey Alabama, exercise your right to vote in tomorrow's special election! -RBR #VoteOutLoud #ExerciseYourRights https://t.co/bJIDJPbwLL
When you want to groove but you're trapped in a bus: this one by @Alabama_Shakes https://t.co/cSzTAzl9FN
Today: New York, NY - Dec 9 at Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for... https://t.co/FcZuXVlt7P
#TBT to playing Red Rocks with @gregoryaisakov in 2016 ..."Big Black Car" and more on the @Spotify Bus Playlist https://t.co/cSzTAzl9FN
RT @Righteous_Babes: It’s that time of year again! We’re sharing new merch offerings in the Righteous Babe store for the holidays. To he… https://t.co/Q9mhN3ByTW
A favorite from @anaismitchell on repeat today: "Coming Down" https://t.co/cSzTAzl9FN
Jamming to @JennyScheinman, the amazing fiddle player who played on a bunch of tracks on Binary - and sometimes joi… https://t.co/6hAXPsOMtb
On the November tour Ani stopped by @KXT studios in Dallas to play a few songs. Check out "Play God" and "Allergic… https://t.co/VlGFYfu4mC
Now Playing: "715 Creeks" by @boniver — Justin's voice on "Zizzing" from Binary was such a nice touch! https://t.co/cSzTAzCKxl
RT @amyschumer: New Orleans show on New Years Eve! Come see me and my favorite musician of all time @anidifranco and I’ll be perfor… https://t.co/uxblxrGuBu
Just Announced: New Orleans, LA - Dec 31 at Mahalia Jackson Th... https://t.co/m6JU1EMrBF
Today: New Orleans, LA - Nov 19 at House Of Blues https://t.co/pANFsAjhR4
Today: Austin, TX - Nov 18 at Emo's Austin https://t.co/gdJvp1THn4
RT @GrandCanynTrust: Last night in Phoenix: @AniDiFranco texting to sign the petition to protect #GrandCanyon and the tribes living in t… https://t.co/eV1hA3FYuW
Today: Dallas, TX - Nov 17 at Granada Theater https://t.co/frIR0EJO5q
“If the Supai water is contaminated, the future of my society, of my people, will disappear.” — Carletta Tilousi, H… https://t.co/dMzumBGMjd
RT @granadatheater: Dallas! We have 40 tickets remaining for the great @anidifranco + @MILCKMUSIC this Friday, presented by @kxtradio.… https://t.co/HcE8XU1etZ
Today: Phoenix, AZ - Nov 15 at The Van Buren https://t.co/CTWIRJJ6Sp
@bangertimo Yes, Park West. We’ll fix, thanks! -RBR
RT @OvertureCenter: Just announced! @anidifranco is coming to Capitol Theater SUN, FEB 25 at 7:30 PM. Tix available FRI!… https://t.co/a77eijVwEA
Just Announced: Nashville, TN - Mar 2 at Marathon Music Works https://t.co/Dz3I4jfrMH
Just Announced: Bloomington, IN - Feb 28 at Buskirk-Chumley Th... https://t.co/VCy9BlCX93
Just Announced: Grand Rapids, MI - Feb 27 at 20 Monroe Live https://t.co/APiCuebUUE
Just Announced: Chicago, IL - Feb 24 at Park Avenue https://t.co/E0o5HNHnqF
Just Announced: Madison, WI - Feb 25 at Capitol Theater, Overt... https://t.co/HmrghHHRvO
Just Announced: Minneapolis, MN - Feb 23 at First Avenue https://t.co/ceYKTjp67c
Just Announced: Iowa City, IA - Feb 21 at The Englert Theatre https://t.co/kNiP5HnTWP
Just Announced: Kansas City, MO - Feb 20 at Madrid Theatre https://t.co/JKQhundiNf
RT @TheCedar: Just announced: @TheCedar Presents @anidifranco at @FirstAvenue Friday, February 23rd at 8pm $45 General Admission… https://t.co/5AcwbYQPud
RT @MMusicWorks: Just Announced! | @anidifranco on March 2 Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am! Details: https://t.co/NapzSmdYFz https://t.co/X7Ay8cLOQj
RT @20MonroeLive: JUST ANNOUNCED — @AniDiFranco on February 27th! Presale begins Thursday at 10AM, use code: BEATS. Tickets go on sa… https://t.co/1puZlp0nIC
RT @BuskirkChumley: Hey Bloomington, we have another amazing #BCTPresents show to announce! @anidifranco will be gracing the… https://t.co/OPmUgZzy7T
The Rise Up tour continues in 2018! Join Ani and the band as they travel through the Midwest. Tickets on sale Frida… https://t.co/mv04MuSBEU
Ever wonder what music gets played on the tour bus? Here's a little sampling for you featuring a bunch of Ani and c… https://t.co/73mT6kSYqG
Today: Los Angeles, CA - Nov 14 at Palace Theatre https://t.co/0ESlNb7iau
Today: Eugene, OR - Nov 10 at McDonald Theatre https://t.co/bakERKAKGV
Check out @Bandcamp list of deep cuts from Ani's catalog complete with streaming links so you can sing along! - RBR https://t.co/1P5gRjMGYe
Voodoo bakery in Portland gave us a huge haunted ani iced donut... https://t.co/9aTzmRceMz
Today: Portland, OR - Nov 9 at Wonder Ballroom https://t.co/T79hHXSWSV
Please help protect #GrandCanyon & the Havasupai Tribe living there from uranium mining https://t.co/2FJiTCn00O Sig… https://t.co/HGJy0xJ72C
Tonight’s menu. Todd’s back!! -ani https://t.co/6GmPBxSjDb
Today: Seattle, WA - Nov 8 at The Neptune https://t.co/V6eAmEgDYk
Tiny Desk Concert on @nprmusic premiered today! Recorded this Fall w band mates @IvanNeville Terence Higgins… https://t.co/wgeQFYigqo
Today is #ElectionDay - #VoteLocal! Visit @HeadCountOrg at https://t.co/aARMYQZR2m https://t.co/jeuQjTLFv2
Today: Vancouver, Canada - Nov 6 at Vancouver Playhouse https://t.co/AHGylYNtnj
Today: Salt Lake City, UT - Nov 4 at Delta Hall at Eccles Theater https://t.co/p76dN0HnAR
Today: Billings, MT - Nov 3 at Babcock Theatre https://t.co/501dypa4oM
Ani spoke with @TDMulligan to preview 11/6 in Vancouver with guest @GracieandRachel (tix: https://t.co/b4oabbNp17).… https://t.co/qmDX7PUPLG
Tour starts in Billings, MT with guest @gracieandrachel! Preview tonight's show @BabcockTheatre in @billingsgazette. https://t.co/CkupFIT8T0
Just Announced: New York, NY - Dec 9 at Beacon Theatre https://t.co/snwSu711aJ
Ani is joining this year's @CyndiLauper & Friends: #Home4Holidays concert to benefit @TrueColorsFund on sale Fri!… https://t.co/tPLWoRhVOA
RT @Righteous_Babes: Special guests @gracieandrachel and @milckmusic have been added to @anidifranco's November #RiseUp tour dates! https://t.co/EXI12eCBZV
RT @granadatheater: Catch the talented @anidifranco on our Dallas stage Nov. 17th, @kxtradio presents. Tixs → https://t.co/YyvFknarNU https://t.co/Ux6U111P1f
Check out the interview in @OffBeatMagazine and catch the @HOBNewOrleans show 11/19! (tix: https://t.co/nFv3EmSGu6) https://t.co/EzvqbhD4ub
RT @liveattheeccles: @anidifranco is ready to play #AtTheEccles with special guest @gracieandrachel on 11/4. Tix: https://t.co/eIyPF55Tth https://t.co/PuCS7cKcT7
RT @granadatheater: Songwriting great @anidifranco visits our Dallas stage November 17th, presented by @kxtradio! Tickets →… https://t.co/Ggpcz8rqAD
Today: Provincetown, MA - Oct 8 at Babefest https://t.co/MNDZldCfjm
RT @thebabefest: Today's the day! Join us @Care2's Activist University at 3pm and at Town Hall, doors 7pm. https://t.co/ANX7qpFO2F https://t.co/BkH8YaUSMi
Today: Roseland, VA - Oct 7 at The Festy Experience https://t.co/9i7OHyhfyi
Today: Poughkeepsie, NY - Oct 6 at Bardavon 1869 Opera House https://t.co/rOeRSRGBxM
Today: Somerville, MA - Oct 5 at Somerville Theatre https://t.co/jtcEFbQzkh
RT @PasteMagazine: [email protected] covers Woody Guthrie's "Do Re Mi" at Paste Studio. Watch here! https://t.co/1g2uUzJyas https://t.co/LdAwBVFUfQ
RT @billboard: [email protected] on Babefest, activism and being a bisexual icon: "Let's f--king be here now" https://t.co/Sq6jUMVPls https://t.co/qtYekD8zJQ
RT @Righteous_Babes: Catch music, craft food & beverages & a family-friendly atmosphere @TheFesty in Arrington, VA. Ani plays 10/7.… https://t.co/qS0JF6Fmge
Today: New York, NY - Oct 3 at Le Poisson Rouge https://t.co/fysVMYaZzq
big love around a #tinydesk - ani https://t.co/2VEyq8Mg19
Today: Glenside, PA - Oct 1 at Keswick Theatre https://t.co/isF3VwKyMn
RT @CenterStageAtl: TONIGHT! @anidifranco is HERE - we just released some killer seats, grab 'em online or at the doors (show at 8pm) https://t.co/TClEeELE6o
RT @andreagibson: Tour with @anidifranco starts tonight in Birmingham ATL and Norfolk this weekend. Please RT/spread the word… https://t.co/eFVeugy3QL
RT @Do617: #Giveaway Enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to @anidifranco's BABEFEST with @andreagibson @raesanni and… https://t.co/JEb0eYpG2O
RT @thebabefest: RSVP for @Care2's Activist University @ Babefest! Space is limited for this free grassroots organizing workshop. https://t.co/NpV6AsLcOg
RT @liveattheeccles: @anidifranco plays some songs from her new album, Binary. https://t.co/MWETpGhCv4 She'll be #AtTheEccles 11/4. Tix: https://t.co/kZ17XaWQtt
See you @thebabefest 10/8 in Ptown w/ Ani + band, @andreagibson, @raesanni, @gracieandrachel & Activist University.… https://t.co/Ej3uVJ8P3c
It’s #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! To update your voter registration, visit @HeadCountorg at… https://t.co/BQw0wDtEsY
RT @TheNorVa: Did you know @anidifranco has released over 20 albums?! See her perform at The NorVa THIS SATURDAY, 9/30!… https://t.co/uuQ6MoPN3P
RT @wfuv: For over 25 years, @anidifranco has been a spirited voice of social change and self-discovery. #FUVEssentials… https://t.co/kGxXip9xQr
RT @womensmediacntr: THIS WEEK on @WMCLive w @TheRobinMorgan! @anidifranco @thebabefest HERE: https://t.co/bqfULs67Fq https://t.co/Mghv7JDDdc
Counting down to the 2nd annual @thebabefest, this year on 10/8 in Provincetown! Tix: https://t.co/vqskn9gvx5 Info:… https://t.co/oFGeV1mi3R
RT @Thrillcall: See @anidifranco on tour all fall long! Dates through November! See how to win tickets: https://t.co/pKRQqLLVEF https://t.co/Gb9LHNPn3D
recording princess shaw! -ani @_princess_shaw https://t.co/M5IJzhxReJ
RT @seasickbham: Y'all like free tickets right? We've got a pair for @AniDiFranco at The Lyric on 9/28! You know the drill...enter t… https://t.co/uuYHAIQZ8k
RT @MadameGandhi: I am deeply excited to announce that I will be touring with one of my heroes @anidifranco and… https://t.co/1AZOW7GSFV
Start your own @Care2 petition with #RiseUp and you can win tickets to @thebabefest! https://t.co/8yOGaWgKQK https://t.co/lGnIgt49En
Thank you @amnestyusa & @sofarsounds for putting this together! #GiveAHome https://t.co/KwYE7OMhI9
david foster took this of me playin refugee benefit last night. - ani @SofarNOLA @amnestyusa #GiveAHome https://t.co/RWGXLSW5dE
Just Announced: Billings, MT - Nov 3 at Babcock Theatre https://t.co/iWCNnefmPY
RT @AltDaily: @anidifranco is coming to town to play @TheNorVa. She sat for an extended interview with our Jeff Hewitt.… https://t.co/q8Khl4ZwPP
my dear friends sheba and diane are here visiting... -ani https://t.co/uiqVBplei9
RT @Care2: Tune in at 4pm EST with us and @anidifranco - we're discussing how creativity can create amazing change. https://t.co/lUKNnh0QvM
#TBT: with @VanJones68 @womensmarch 1/21/17. 📸: @SusanAlzner #lovearmy #throwbackthursday https://t.co/OY6thj4kjP
RT @Righteous_Babes: Special guests @andreagibson and @madamegandhi have been added to @anidifranco's #RiseUp Tour! https://t.co/DJCIB1h7lE
RT @Care2: Join special guest @anidifranco and citizen activists as they discuss ways to create change w/ Care2. https://t.co/BWIaBOjXVV
Tix for @thebabefest 10/8 in Provincetown are officially on sale Friday, but you can get yours now! Password: binary https://t.co/vqskn9gvx5
Counting down to 9/20 NOLA #GiveaHome show w/ @amnestyusa & @sofarsounds to support refugees. Enter for tix by 9/10… https://t.co/8fusvgEnRd
RT @thebabefest: [email protected], @andreagibson, @raesanni, @gracieandrachel, & @Care2's Activist University come to Provincetown 10/8… https://t.co/bHsMzmX5Lt
my pal wammo took this picture at @amoebamusic in hollywood. warms the cockles :) - ani photo by @wammster https://t.co/eT4K9ldMVz
RT @andreagibson: Tour dates just added with @anidifranco --- coming your way soon! Details at https://t.co/jXOE5TTGSw
Just Announced: Provincetown, MA - Oct 8 at Provincetown Town ... https://t.co/kEumrNSoGw
RT @thebabefest: Mark your calendars for the second annual BABEFEST coming to Provincetown, MA on October 8! Tickets on sale Friday. https://t.co/ANX7qpFO2F
Hear Ani's picks of songs for workers of the world all week on @sxmvillage or on demand under @SiriusXM The Bridge:… https://t.co/k37R3yWH4t
Ani is sharing her Labor Day Mix of songs for workers of the world tomorrow on @SiriusXM The Bridge. https://t.co/siBO6c3nZm
RT @sxmvillage: @anidifranco talking about @billybragg on her Labor Day Mix show! #Folk #SiriusXM https://t.co/v0iqWEsL17
RT @sxmvillage: @anidifranco's Labor Day mix is on the #VillageFolkShow THIS SUNDAY! #SiriusXM https://t.co/cyjdVLHVEH
#TBT: with Nora Guthrie at #RudolstadtFestival in Germany in July. #ThrowbackThursday #Rudolstadt https://t.co/U5AW7UrSaP
RT @ShopkeeperMovie: Today's the day! @ShopkeeperMovie, with @MarkHallman, @anidifranco, @ThomasRussell, @sarahickman, @Eliza Gilkyson… https://t.co/K0XOZlJEAJ
RT @wwoz_neworleans: Live now on WWOZ: @anidifranco Hear her here: https://t.co/659B3JbIlL Live video stream: https://t.co/0tBzIyMj46
Ani will be live from the @wwoz_neworleans studio today at 12pm CDT. Tune in here! https://t.co/88G4he7NO1 https://t.co/0YUQxsHKp0
See Ani tell @Spotify Music Happens Here about living & making music in New Orleans, coming in around 23:15. Enjoy! https://t.co/GkvIIUyswF
this is not my pic (photo credit unknown)... -ani https://t.co/keSDbaI1s4
i snapped this @thehenryford. it's the chair abraham lincoln was sitting in when he was shot. very affecting. kinda… https://t.co/kX6Rn5qwEq
RT @Righteous_Babes: We're partnering w/ @Thrillcall to give you the chance to win tix to see @anidifranco this fall in select cities! https://t.co/AYMVTbgIcu
RT @HOBNOLA: How we feel about @AniDiFranco being here on Sunday, November 19th! Tickets still available so grab yours today at… https://t.co/iTPe0RgYQz
RT @Righteous_Babes: like robots so cold with such ease they dismiss you... See more from @anidifranco’s "Binary" music video:… https://t.co/glpvZWYGeS
Check out NPR's @Bullseye - Ani talks about "Binary", jamming w Prince & more! https://t.co/YnrFWtSuWx
#TBT: running into @MMFlint at Trump Tower protest 11/12/16 #ThrowbackThursday 📸: @SusanAlzner https://t.co/NT2VTzdbs1
RT @Bullseye: This week's Bullseye is live! We have the great @anidifranco. We got Game of Thrones' Aidan Gillen: 👀👀👀👀👀 https://t.co/2pvwJplXB6
Enter to win #GiveaHome tix for a secret show in New Orleans w/ Ani, @amnestyusa & @sofarsounds to support refugees… https://t.co/fBiRDYsi1w
Enter to win #GiveaHome tix for a secret show in New Orleans w/ Ani, @amnestyusa & @sofarsounds to support refugees… https://t.co/BSia0rjEkU
you gotta be up in someone’s countenance conversing with their heart See the "Binary" video:… https://t.co/ZYzYN7EEZF
arise fest cold and rainy all day but then cleared up for our set! yay! -ani https://t.co/YGlxgLctxB
fixed my picture backstage at red rocks that's been misspelled for 20 years! :) -ani https://t.co/1QJHeUAOLe
RT @emosaustin: [email protected], 11/18, need I say more? See you there ➞ https://t.co/llZzBt1QVv https://t.co/VgJdaCGXCk
Live on stage from @AriseFestival on @KGNU https://t.co/o1dfkcQvka
Today: Loveland, CO - Aug 6 at Sunrise Ranch https://t.co/NfeysUXkOm
Ani is at @AriseFestival today taking the stage around 8:30pm MT and @KGNU will be live streaming! Tune in here: https://t.co/BIRwaTcMZ6
Today: Loveland, CO - Aug 4 at Sunrise Ranch https://t.co/6rN6y1V91L
This Weekend: Loveland, CO - Aug 4 at Sunrise Ranch https://t.co/eMmyUBtTD7
This Weekend: Loveland, CO - Aug 6 at Sunrise Ranch https://t.co/q27pIAPSpE
#TBT: w/ @Indigo_Girls (@AmyRay & @emily_saliers) @ March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC on 4/25/04. 📸:… https://t.co/bWptR0b2eE
RT @a2im: 2017 #LiberaAwards Lifetime Achievement Award winner @anidifranco reminding us to #StayIndie ! https://t.co/fDgKd0bmGC
RT @Righteous_Babes: they got networks like insects with webs of deception... See more from @anidifranco’s "Binary" music video:… https://t.co/RMKipSOaRG
'150 Greatest Albums Made By Women' @nprmusic - Ani comes in at 25 with LPC - Check it out! RBR https://t.co/eSreHMkv19
#TBT: over in Grass Valley, CA w/ Utah Phillips, @toddsickafoose, & Noe Venable on 4/3/04. 📸: @SusanAlzner… https://t.co/4ipccQAH26
@laurenkatekush @Twitter But now @GIPHY does :) -RBR ​https://t.co/4UDNAPAnM0 https://t.co/jt8rAollpn
RT @Righteous_Babes: [email protected] is on tour this fall! Where will you be catching the #BinaryTour? https://t.co/Gq1TFskNqI https://t.co/XUx4dQFPoc
in the blue glow of gizmos lurk despots in diapers... Watch the full "Binary" video here: https://t.co/BLloORBTA7 https://t.co/AzUTI5VmhM
RT @lprnyc: Super stoked to have @anidifranco #LiveAtLPR 10.3! Enter our giveaway w/ @doNYC to win free tickets for the show:… https://t.co/HLMn2QWZiC
RT @cruillabcn: El #Cruïllaésmés! @anidifranco, @txarango i @AmnistiaCAT van alçar pancartes de solidaritat amb les persones refugi… https://t.co/xIDRYazYdf
Watch Ani talk about "Binary" at Pen World Voices Festival, captured on archival video. https://t.co/gYs9gWT0DX
@Jigolife Sorry, this post was an error - the correct date is still 11/18 https://t.co/T8s49tyTNO -RBR
bike sharing is cool! good for buffalo! -ani Happy 1st birthday @ReddyBikes! #ReddyTurnsOne
#TBT: with Pete Seeger @ClearwaterFest on 6/20/04. 📸: @SusanAlzner. #ThrowbackThursday #PeteSeeger https://t.co/UTGzQtyM7i
RT @soundcheck: Latest podcast, DIY icon, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter & feminist @anidifranco, live in-studio:… https://t.co/xqJEzGMAYB
Just Announced: Austin, TX - Aug 13 at Emo's Austin https://t.co/tUp88GfWiJ
#TBT: with @joanjett at March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC on 4/25/04. 📸: @SusanAlzner #ThrowbackThursday… https://t.co/X1ezxdGTDE
RT @sxmvillage: An all-acoustic @anidifranco special is on the #VillageFolkShow TODAY! https://t.co/kA2K6MtGAi
rudolstadt was so awesome. what a joyous way to end the tour! these are chas's pix. -ani https://t.co/oauFRO5qJ9
awesome day off in basel, switzerland. on the banks of the rhine. -ani https://t.co/sljcw3wNUx
RT @sxmvillage: An all-acoustic @anidifranco special is on the #VillageFolkShow THIS SUNDAY! https://t.co/cD9TCKtvXi
Today: Barcelone, Spain - Jul 7 at PARC DEL FORUM https://t.co/oPim3BZx9A
tooled around barcelona on rented bikes. good times! -ani https://t.co/l56CCGY3CJ
#TBT: with @Dennis_Kucinich 5/13/04. #ThrowbackThursday https://t.co/DVn2i8Luxs
my heidi ho in italy, on stage reciting binary in italian! -ani (Note: photo of ani & heidi… https://t.co/EtPeB867d1
This Weekend: Barcelone, Spain - Jul 7 at Parc Del Forum https://t.co/VgMhjQRaFQ
Ani about to play #rairadio1 in Rome yesterday, sent by Heidi Kunkel! Tonight catch her live in… https://t.co/SV9kcsd77r
Today: Sesto San Giovanni, Italy - Jul 5 at Carroponte Spazio Mil https://t.co/mya8BE2wBP
Today: Rome, Italy - Jul 4 at Laghetto di Villa Ada https://t.co/BoIVEksXAw
and now we enter the alps... - ani https://t.co/jjWZ8czBKB
Today: London, United Kingdom - Jul 2 at London Palladium https://t.co/JoPc5SJUxT
RT @freshnet: @anidifranco Really looking forward to meeting and talking with you on @BBC6music tonight Ani. We'll be on air roughly 9.30-10.30pm...
Tune in to @BBC6Music at 21:30 tonight for a live interview with Ani! Show tomorrow @PalladiumLondon.
Today: Birmingham, United Kingdom - Jun 30 at Town Hall Birmingham https://t.co/WX4dX3qM8N
#TBT: with Bruce Cockburn. #ThrowbackThursday #BruceCockburn https://t.co/EYNVuknyma
RT @DIVAmagazine: [email protected]: "The most radical thing we can do is listen" https://t.co/KvJvTbD5R2 https://t.co/FYQFrAJEBT
This Weekend: Birmingham, United Kingdom - Jun 30 at Town Hall... https://t.co/inDGD8pLEb
This Weekend: London, United Kingdom - Jul 2 at London Palladium https://t.co/ZQ4cuWzNO7
Today: Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Jun 29 at Queens Hall Edinburgh https://t.co/sGopWYsxGJ
RT @WorldCafe: [email protected]'s 20th studio album is textured and ambitious. Hear her perform songs from it, in this session:… https://t.co/1ay0TDFypP
RT @billboard: [email protected] shares her "Poetry In Motion" themed playlist, exclusively for this week's #TakeoverTuesday… https://t.co/bhGuem59G4
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Today: Dublin, Ireland - Jun 27 at Vicar St https://t.co/akZ0v27taw
RT @Salon: WATCH: Ani DiFranco demands reproductive freedom as “a civil right” https://t.co/gmgTz2t4Dz
RT @wfuv: Discover #Binary, the new album from @anidifranco as our #NewDig all this week @wfuv! @righteous_babes, … https://t.co/UXeQt1h5yR
made it to glastonbury! -ani glastonbury.festival https://t.co/ZE3jf6sxYo
RT @TheTakeaway: [email protected]: Feels like more artists & musicians are finding the will to be political...I can smell it. https://t.co/eNqUJFIA9o
#TBT: with Pete Seeger. #ThrowbackThursday https://t.co/53p3F3I3P8
RT @eTownHall: This week we're broadcasting from @ParamountCO w/ @mavisstaples, @anidifranco, @hickforco & @MayorHancock 🎶 🌎 🔊:… https://t.co/LP4dHlsPlK
You are cordially invited to check out the brand spankin' new https://t.co/hiR2Jkg0w0! Let us know what you think! -RBR
RT @TheBGSituation: We thought we oughta put together a playlist of @anidifranco's essential songs ourselves. Take a listen: https://t.co/1gdLaFGKAK #AOTM
RT @therealjkatz: @anidifranco speaking wisdom like no other on @billboard's #SoulSisters - with special guest host @hellolanemoore! https://t.co/EKKE612fss
#TBT: with @margaretcho & @GovHowardDean at March for Women's Lives in DC 4/25/04. 📸: @SusanAlzner… https://t.co/nLTRPBpy0z
Just Announced! Ani will be performing at @TheFesty October 7 in Arrington, VA!! https://t.co/VyorVQXq31 https://t.co/qreGd9c5OO
RT @PasteMagazine: Paste Sessions: @anidifranco Talks Social Activism https://t.co/05Fr3h5o5v https://t.co/ucdgyXoxLN
@nickyknodle The presale code has been fixed! - RBR
@nickyknodle We are looking into it...sorry for inconvenience! Update to come - RBR
The video for "Binary" debuts on @thefader! "It's just the right dose of classic Ani that we need right now." https://t.co/slpbc8jhjI
RT @thefader: [email protected] debuts the video for her politically-charged “Binary.” https://t.co/zKGZm8oNtN https://t.co/R9hZVlxXz9
Just Announced! Fall tour dates are now posted - on sale Friday at 10am! https://t.co/QmrbIyfrdv https://t.co/AematSGHc1
RT @Paste_Music: @anidifranco returns to the #pastestudionyc at 2:30pm EST! Until then, check out our list of her 11 best songs: https://t.co/4uRgjYb96o
It is Binary Release day! Grab your copy at the Righteous Babe Store (https://t.co/hVp2xRUo9e) or any of your favo… https://t.co/SG1RoJQ4UA
#TBT: Ani with Utah Phillips circa 1999. #anidifranco #utahphillips #throwbackthursday https://t.co/OXktUgG9JV
RT @soundcheck: Corr. Live NOW & on Facebook Live DIY icon & feminist @anidifranco : https://t.co/kehEKqEyVf &… https://t.co/JyOKpHQk8e
RT @soundcheck: Live at 2:15, DIY icon & feminist @anidifranco wields guitar & sharp poetic observations from her record, "Binary"… https://t.co/a9uHo2K8yQ
Ani is live right now on the @nytimes Facebook! https://t.co/RX0kHYFHTe
RT @nytimesarts: Singer-songwriter @AniDiFranco will play an exclusive set at the New York Times today. Read our 2012 interview:… https://t.co/5kQTATYDRA
Binary is out Friday! Pre-order now via @PledgeMusic: https://t.co/t3CETvhcvM Other outlets:… https://t.co/jfZKtNBPHL
RT @TheBGSituation: [email protected]'s 20th studio album, Binary, takes stock of our present & our future. She is our Artist of the Month! https://t.co/USmtwkmlMc
RT @culturecollide: RT for a chance to win a @CrosleyRadio Cruiser turntable + @anidifranco LP bundle! New LP 'Binary' out 6/9. Pre-ord… https://t.co/cixXdwyNzK
RT @Righteous_Babes: The @anidifranco lyric books are in! Look inside the books which include Binary lyrics & illustrations from Ani.… https://t.co/U8AeflUYQH
Ani wearing orange for gun violence awareness. #WearOrange @Everytown https://t.co/TTsc9KUTkc
#TBT Ani with Michael Meldrum. #ThrowbackThursday https://t.co/VG8ZQebSEl
Next Week: New York, NY - Jun 8 at A2IM Libera Awards https://t.co/DNcrWOv1Lz
Check it out - you can stream the full album "Binary" on @nprmusic First Listen! https://t.co/virdWI8LrP
Be a part of the release of Binary by joining #AnisBookClub! Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert is 1 of 6 picks.… https://t.co/lMoKotbkjb
havin a blast playin bottlerock! -ani (5/27) @bottlerocknapa https://t.co/FMP7XOyCL3
RT @sxmvillage: The @anidifranco special is on the #VillageFolkShow TODAY! https://t.co/qBy6yHvMCO
RT @PledgeMusic: Treat your ears to another taste of @anidifranco's 'Binary' LP with her performance of "Alrighty" from our office. https://t.co/SBNsNNuDK9
The new single "Zizzing" from the upcoming album Binary (coming 6/9) is available today! Check it out: https://t.co/S0KYSx9QW1
RT @sxmvillage: The @anidifranco special is on the #VillageFolkShow THIS SUNDAY! https://t.co/5ielB9A1qw
#TBT: with Sekou Sundiata @apollotheater 3/13/05. 📸: Susan Alzner. #SekouSundiata #ThrowbackThursday https://t.co/xeI8G6b8e4
RT @PMUpdates: Ani DiFranco (@anidifranco): Binary pre-order update: Inside the album artwork https://t.co/JjiTzfSzcU #folk
"Play God" is one of the instant downloads you get when you pre-order Binary via @PledgeMusic (… https://t.co/HJX9hQ1YPW
Just Announced: Barcelone, Spain - Jul 7 at Parc Del Forum https://t.co/PWa6IbkMQf
Get lost in a book! Join Ani's Book Club & be a part of the release of Binary. https://t.co/9t9MRv0VOh https://t.co/01WndoWhWc
[email protected] premieres "Zizzing" featuring @BonIver's Justin Vernon (@blobtower)! https://t.co/EvxaVBvIRe
RT @coslive: Hear @AniDiFranco enlist @BonIver's Justin Vernon for riveting new song "Zizzing", from the singer's 20th LP:… https://t.co/kiRXqCNfgx
@PledgeMusic Pre-order Binary on @PledgeMusic by 5/29 to get your merch by 6/9! (In the US & Europe; elsewhere, ord… https://t.co/DmwngAs6GR
Look deeper inside the Binary album artwork on @PledgeMusic later this week. https://t.co/t3CETvhcvM #binary… https://t.co/7LEIS2835c
NYC, you can support @TheRootsofMusic with a two night celebration June 2 & 3! Learn more: https://t.co/EWRm1xxwEm https://t.co/cPuyzSckYR
zoe setting up for her set at books for prisoners benefit last night. - ani #zoeboekbinder… https://t.co/kI2yFs4pbE
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