The 41st Annual John Lennon Tribute
Friday, December 10 2021

Venue Info:
The 41st Annual John Lennon Tribute
2537 Broadway
New York, NY

Note: The 41st Annual John Lennon Tribute charity concert will feature a special performance of John Lennon and Beatles classics by Ani DiFranco, who will be honored with the 2021 John Lennon Real Love Award. With the warm support of Yoko Ono, the John Lennon Real Love Award was established by Theatre Within in 2014 to recognize artists for their creative excellence and commitment to charitable causes and positive social activism. About Ani DiFranco, Yoko recently said, “There is much I admire about Ani DiFranco — from her stirring songs to her social advocacy on women’s rights and other important issues. I am delighted that Theatre Within is honoring her with this year’s John Lennon Real Love Award." All Tribute proceeds benefit Theatre Within, the grassroots non-profit which provides the John Lennon Real Love Project songwriting workshop — at no cost — to children, teens and adults impacted by cancer AND to public elementary schools. This year, in partnership with the Red Door Community (formerly Gilda’s Cub NYC) and other cancer support support communities Theatre Within is providing over 250 free workshops in creative expression and mindfulness for kids who have lost a parent to cancer, adult cancer patients, survivors and their family members.

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